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Bald Eagle - Story of the Robert Bateman Print in my Office

Selfie with Robert Batemen's Bald Eagle Print

My mother passed away in February of 2012. That damn "C" word got a hold of her and she left us to early. As hard as that was, I'm very thankful for the time I got to spend with her and the rest of my family between when she was diagnosed with breast cancer and when she passed away.

While on a flight to visit her, my dad, and sister in Washington, I resolved to find a picture to place in my office, a picture that I could use to commemorate my mother with for the rest of my life. I didn't know that she was going to be taken within a year of the trip, but it was important for me to find the picture with her, it was something we both would share together.

I wanted to make a memory of her.

It didn't take long to decide what type of picture to get. I had already started filling my home office with pictures of antique drawings of animals and art work from places I've visited over the years (I have two papyrus paintings we got in Egypt that my dad uncovered while cleaning out his home a couple of years ago). It was an easy decision, I had to find a picture of an Eagle.

You see, my mom was living in Kirkland, WA at the time and Eagles are not an uncommon site in the area. Furthermore, we lived in Washington for a few years growing up and for me, not only does the Eagle represent our great country, but it also speaks to the spirit of the Pacific Northwest. My mom loved the mountains, lakes, and ocean of the Northwest and with the Eagles being an integral part of the area, the Eagle became the perfect symbol for my mom and the means in which I was going to make a memory of her.

The great part about the Pacific Northwest is all the art galleries in the small towns you can visit, so I knew finding a picture of an Eagle would be easy. Although, I wasn't going to settle for any picture of an Eagle, I had something specific in mind. I didn't want to find a photograph or an oil painting, rather I wanted to find a print or a drawing of the Eagle. As it turns out, this requirement made the search a bit more difficult than I would have thought.

After scouring several galleries in the neighboring towns around Seattle for a few days, we landed in the Parklane Gallery in Kirkland, just a few minutes from my mom's condo. I described to the sales person what I was looking for and she immediately directed me to the work of Robert Bateman, a Canadian naturalist and painter.

The sales person was right, his style of work was exactly what I was looking for. She took me through a catalog of his work and within 30 minutes, I found the print I was looking for. My mom insisted on purchasing the print for me and given my motives for making the purchase, I had no qualms with that.

The print arrived back home in Nashville a couple of weeks after my trip. My wife and I went to a local art gallery who helped put together the perfect frame and now this signed print from Robert Bateman hangs over the credenza in my office.

Even 7 years later after receiving the most wonderful gift from my mom, there isn't a day that goes by that I don't look at this picture and feel my mother watching over me through it. For me, the print symbolizes my mother and I'm thrilled to have a piece of her in my office. It has brought me comfort through the years when I've missed her the most. My love for Eagles has strengthened and the few times I've seen one since then, my heart has warmed with love of my mom as I've marveled at their beauty.

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