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Why PPV is Perfect for Tiger Vs. Phil - "The Match"

It was apparent that listening to PGA Radio this morning on XM Satellite Radio, most people were against the pay-per-view format for "The Match". I couldn't disagree more and in-fact, I'm happy it's going to be in the PPV format.


Simple, no censorship. Go ahead, put microphones on Tiger, Phil, and their caddies and let the banter begin. Assuming this will be the case, then we are sitting on some quality entertainment for the 3+ hour round, especially if they both get into it and start telling some inside-the-rope stories from past events. And if they start with hard corp ribbing and banter, I'm sure we'll be howling in anticipation of the next shot. And if they start challenging each other to side bets as promised in the press release, we will all be screaming our heads off if the shot is pulled off. I hope they will be walking up to a hole and come across some crazy lie/shot and they challenge each other to a closest to the pin for $1,000. In the right format, they could become entertainers in addition to professional golfers. I'm sure they will both go-for-broke on every shot and I think we will be rewarded for it.

And not to mention, all this entertainment will be commercial free!

I wouldn't want this on network television. I want to hear the players in raw format as this gives us a unique opportunity to be inside-the-ropes, a place only a few have gone.

And if they both play the quality golf they are capable of, then we'll be talking about it throughout the holidays. I couldn't imagine a more perfect format.

And finally, the icing on the cake, assuming we get all this that I mentioned AND the players donate a big portion of the money to their respective charities, then this is a win-win for everyone in my books.

Now, I just hope one of the PPV options will include streaming since I've cut the cord.


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