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"Recents" - The Hidden Time Saving Feature in MacOS

A while ago, I adopted the personal tag line of "IT Just Is". The origins of it is that I strive to develop technology (Information Technology "IT") that works the same way you do ("...Just Is). In other words, I'm a fan of technology that you are not able to tell is technology when using. Around the same time that I adopted this tag line, I started using MacBook laptops for that very reason. I really appreciated the UX within the MacOS because it provided the interface I needed to effectively use my laptop the way I want to use it.

And if you are a Mac user like me, you most likely already know this and hence this post.

I want to sing the praises of one feature that goes often unappreciated by me, but sparks joy each time I use it. While the feature may exist in other OS's (back in 2011 when I switched from Windows to MacOS, it didn't exist), it continues to spark joy every time I use that.

What is it you ask?

It's the "Recents" location within the "Finder" app. Just as it names implies, it keeps a list of recently accessed and saved files at your finger tips. To give you an example of its power, I'll save a PDF deep in some tree hierarchy within my OneDrive only to switch over to Outlook to create an email that I need to attach the saved file to. When the dialog pops open to attach the file, I simply click "Recents" and there it is, no need to navigate some hierarchy tree to where I just saved the file in order to attach it.

Instant spark of joy!


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