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What Amy Just Taught Me About Life

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

There's a video clip running around Twitter of a young lady who steps up and plays the 16th hole during the Waste Management Pro-Am/Practice Round this past Wednesday with Gary Woodland and Matt Kuchar. I've watched the clip at least 30 times since I saw it for the first time and I'm floored by the multiple life lessons it offers. Before I dig into it, check out the clip.

Belief. Within the first few moments of the video, you quickly realize that Amy get's it. When Gary introduces himself to her, he makes a simple comment "I hear you are a good golfer" and her response is profound. She replies with a simple "Yes". She has an unwavering belief in her skills and she knows exactly what she is capable of doing. Not being intimidated in the moment, she draws upon that believe and makes the simple proclamation that yes, she's a good golfer. As we will understand by the end of the video clip.

Clarity. I don't know the backstory to why she's there and why she's going to play a hole with Gary and Matt, but you quickly learn that she had already made up her mind on what she was going to do and how she was going to do it. After the introductions are over, Gary asks her "Do you want to hit a shot" and her response, "Yes". You get the sense at this point she had a plan and it was very clear what she wanted to do. She was not going to be content to simply meet two professional golfers and walk a hole with them, she was going to play the hole with them. She was so clear in her direction, she took the time to go put on her golf shoes for this one moment. I can't help but to think if it were me, the last thing on my mind would be to put my golf shoes on. That's clarity of purpose, that's complete clarity, she had her goal and she made sure to have the tools necessary to achieve it.

Humility. As she puts her shoes on, she shows how much she is in the moment and quickly recognizes the amount of support she's receiving from the fans with a simple "they love me" as the shoes are tied. And then there is the tee shot. Once she picked out her target, she steps in and makes a swing as if she's been there a thousand times before. Then, what happens next is amazing. After hitting the tee shot, she steps back, looks around, and has a smile that warms your soul. Her humility shines through as she simply proclaims "so cool" and "they love me" as she walks up the hole. She embraced the fans, she embraced the moment, and she stayed humble through it all. Indeed, we all do love you Amy but the best is yet to come.

Trying. A lot of golfers shutter at the thought of trying to hit a shot out of bunker. Then, throw on the pressure of doing it in front of a couple of professional golfers, on a hole surround by bleachers, with fans cheering you on is a good plot for a tragic play. But, she already decided she was going to give it a try. She was going to give it a try when most of us would have simply skipped that step to avoid the embarrassment of hitting a bad shot. I think it even surprised Gary because when he asked her if she wanted to hit it out, she replied with "yes" to which he said, "you do?". It was simple for her in the next few moments as she grabbed the club from Gary, she made her mind up and told us all when she says "I got this" that she was going to give it a try. And she indeed had it and she tried, she stepped in and got out of the bunker leaving herself a makable par putt. I'm grinning ear-to-ear by now watching this unfold.

Positivity. I believe she already knew she was going to make the putt before looking at it. By now, the fans are going crazy, Gary is excited as they high five coming out of the bunker and as the moment unfolds, Gary states "We're going to make this". And her reply, "Yeah!", as in yea, let's go make this, staying positive in the moment. She had such a positive outlook about what was going on, she declared it, she was going to make the putt.

Purpose. She committed herself to making the putt. After receiving a read from Gary, she steps into the putt and says "I got this". By now, I'm thinking no way, she can't make it can she? And she drains it, as if she were on the final hole to make the winning putt at the Masters (by the way, her stroke looked really good).

While this may not go down as the greatest sporting moment of the year, you could sense that Amy was here for a purpose to show us all what belief in our selves can do. Having clarity in our lives provides direction and purpose. Staying positive is prerequisite to trying. And as you go through it all, stay humble, whether you succeed of fail.

Her final salute to the crowd and blowing the kiss put this clip over the top and will forever be etched in our hearts. The poise she showed is something I want to strive for under pressure for the rest of my life. Her unwavering belief in her ability drove the greatest possible outcome in the situation. And she remained positive the entire time staying in the moment and showing humility in what she just achieved.

As if all this wasn't enough, her final word in the clip sums up the whole experience for her and for us watching the clip.


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