• Kevin B Ebert

Are Intentions Good for You?

About this #MyDay Post

On this Thanksgiving day, like most families in America, my wife and I woke up intending to celebrate Thanksgiving with a turkey dinner. But, the Divine had something else in store for us. Life got in the way and before we knew it it was late afternoon and we hadn't begun any of the festivities or food preparations.

Instead of getting upset and rushing through the dinner prep, we decided to postpone our feast until tomorrow, because we received something greater than a meal. The day got away from us because we engaged in a very long and powerful conversation concerning our lives. The closing of our time in Franklin TN is having a profound impact on us and we had some growing we needed to do. Instead of limiting ourselves and sticking to our intention to make a turkey dinner, we let the Divine enter our lives and we grew in ways we didn't anticipate.

The result is a new awareness in both of us and a stronger love for each other. We had a couple of obstacles that wedged between us and we shattered them with a sledgehammer. We sat in awe as we realized what God was doing for us and how today was much more powerful than a turkey dinner. And if it weren't for our willingness to keep a clear mind versus sticking to our intentions, we received divine inspiration.

The idea of not setting intentions was introduced to us in the book "At Zero: The Final Secret to 'Zero Limits' The Quest for Miracles Through Ho'oponopno" and today was an example of why you shouldn't have them and should seek to maintain a clear mind as because you never know how or when you will receive Divine inspiration.

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