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  • Kevin B Ebert


About This #MyDay Post

Today we closed a chapter of our lives with the sale of our home in Franklin TN. We lived there around 9 years and the time there has been some of the most challenging thus far. So, it was a very emotional day as the enormity of the mountain we climbed while living there came in view as we walked away. 

And while the emotions ran strong through me, the warmth of the afternoon sun hitting my face gave me pause to reflect on all that is good in my life. In that moment I realized that the sun will rise tomorrow and everything is new again and it’s up to me clear my mind and seek the divine in the next chapter. Each passing moment holds the promise of something new. 

I don’t think that it’s a coincidence that this chapter closed on the eve of Thanksgiving for it will bring about renewed since of thanksgivings that I can celebrate tomorrow.

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