• Kevin B Ebert

Find Your Happy Place

About This #MyDay Post

I’ve come to realize that I enjoy my rituals. One such ritual is arriving to the office about 1 to 2 hours before things get busy. In doing so, I’m able to spend some time in my Bullet Journal charting out the day’s activities; read up on industry news; learn something new that has been interesting me lately; or simply to catch up on my Social Media feeds. This quiet time in the morning is ideal from my introvert personality type and I look forward to it more than any other time of the day. Which is important, because it gets me geared up to tackle the day and my best ideas often flow from this time I spend for myself.

Do you think you know when you are the most creative or productive in the course of a day? If you read up on circadian rhythm, your internal process for regulating your sleep-wake cycle, you will quickly learn that not all hours in the day are created equal. There is a reason why some of us thrive in the morning and others are night owls. Finding that time for you to be creative and productive is essential to your self-esteem and can boost your output. You can take it a step further and carve your days into time for yourself, time for others, time for meetings, and time for following up on important tasks.

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