• Kevin B Ebert

If You Day Dream in Meetings, Do This

Just sat in meeting and had a reminder of what not to do. The meeting was over Zoom and someone called out to another participant "what do you think?". The person they were calling out to quickly quipped, "sorry, I didn't get that. I was multi-tasking".  

No, what you really were doing was not paying attention.

Now, my point is not to call out the individual (although, I guess I did), but rather to admit that I'm flawed and I fall victim to the same issue all too often. As leaders and in the work place, you need to make every effort to be present. If you can't leave the computer behind when attending a meeting in person, or unplug from other tasks while sitting on a Zoom call, then maybe you should question what you are doing in the meeting in the first place.

It could just so happen that you didn't need to attend the meeting in the first place if you find yourself not paying attention. And guess what, if that's the case, it's completely ok for you to decline the meeting. When declining meetings, which I do occasionally, I'll include a note back to the organizer letting them know why I don't think it's important for me to attend.

I love that I got this reminder today and I will double down my efforts to be present when attending meetings (and having conversations for that fact).

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