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  • Kevin B Ebert

Is Your Experience Being Stolen?

About this #MyDay Post

When the PGA Tour changed their stance on phones allowing them on the course, overnight the complexion of tournament golf changed radically. I understand the motivation of trying to create a more interactive and engaging atmosphere that fits how the golf fan wants to capture the memories from the tournament. While it’s true, you walk away with a video (or photo) capturing a moment but does that video really capture the experience of the tournament? 

I don’t think it does. I can remember watching the Shell Houston Open in the mid ’80’s watching Greg Norman pounding a drive over the trees along the right side of the first hole cutting off the dog leg for an easy birdie. I can remember seeing Tiger Woods dunking one in a small pond on the first hole at Champions Golf Club during the Tour Championship. I can remember the dust in the air as all the crowds swarm on the last hole as the final groups come through on both of those tournaments. I remember sitting behind the first tee at Augusta National watching 2 hours of groups open their second rounds staring in awe at the flight of the ball with each tee shot.

I don’t think you gain those type of memories watching the action through your phone as you try to capture that perfect video. With the ubiquitous nature of television coverage of tournaments today, leave the video capturing to the experts and sit back and enjoy the action and generate your own set of memories.

I think the same can be said with many other facets of life. Don’t get me wrong, creating a video or snapping a shot can be very fulfilling, but don’t make it the emphasis of the moment. Rather, take in the experience for some time and then take a few minutes to capture the video to augment the experience. Don’t let life pass you by looking through a screen.

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