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Listen to the Silence, Sit Still & Learn

About this #MyDay Post

As an introvert, I spend a lot of time within myself. Unfortunately, I’m not always within myself building up my energy. I sometimes have periods of self doubt or low self esteem based on something I’m going through. As a result, I’ll often revert to going through the motions while I let the emotions process through me.

I use to get upset when this would happen and the resulting anxiety only made matters worse. But, what I have found is that these “down” times are life’s way of asking something out of me. In other words, I have a lesson to learn. I no longer panic, or race off to find gratification in some materialistic good to spike my endorphins to make me feel better, rather, I go through the motions waiting for the moment of insight to hit me so I can move on. It is during these times that I’m my quietest and find myself listening very carefully.

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