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My 1st Migration with BuJo

BuJo - April Spread
BuJo - April Spread

If you hop over to the migration tutorials at, you will see that the migration is considered the cornerstone of BuJo. The migration happens on a monthly basis and you perform it when you create a new monthly spread articulating the tasks you want to achieve in the month. It consists of scanning through your Future Log, your prior Monthly Log, and all the open tasks you have from prior days and either eliminate them (by striking them out) or by migrating them to the next month.

It's a useful exercise because it forces you to look at the tasks you've captured and reevaluate to see if they are still relevant and important to do. If they are, you pull them into the next month, otherwise you simply eliminating clearing your mind and bullet journal of unnecessary tasks.

Which leads me to my April spread. I got creative with it this go around. I added a bit of color and uses some of my stencils. But, the coolest thing I'm excited about this spread compared to my prior one is the incorporation of my habit tracker. On the left page, you can see three columns on the right. The first column will track #MyDay posts (M), the 2nd column is for Elevate (E) posts (posts promoted by the company I work for that we are encouraged to share from our social media profiles), and the 3rd column is to track blog posts (B). So, each day I do one of these three actives, I'll simply add an "x" for that day. The visual feedback a habit tracker provides makes it easy to stay motivated to continue the habit because it offers immediate feedback on your progress. It's also an easy way to set goals and track against them. For example, I try to have 5 #MyDay and 5 Elevate posts on a rolling 7-day basis and at least one blog post a week.

Finally, before you scream at me, I know April is the 4th month and not the 3rd. Not sure what I was thinking when I put 03 at the top of the page. Didn't even realize I did it until I started typing this blog post. Oh well, C'est la vie.

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