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Practice Single-Mindedness in Difficult Times

About this #MyDay Post

It’s no mystery, if you’ve been following the #MyDay posts, that I’ve hit some strong headwinds over the last couple of months in my personal life. During this time, I’ve been holding the course toward a single goal of mending my soul. Over this past weekend, the steadfastness has paid off and daily tasks that were so difficult a week ago, or no longer an obstacle. And through a single-mindedness focus and perseverance, over this past weekend, my wife and I discovered we are growing by leaps and bounds.

What has been the single-mindedness focus during this time? The love for one another to push through all obstacles, regardless of how tough they seem or how tall the mountain is. A metaphor that I’ve developed with my wife is that at certain times in our lives, one of us is scaling a mountain and the other is sitting at base camp providing support as they summit the peak. The metaphor has rung true and I’m happy to say that we have both scaled some massive mountains over the last week.

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