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Re-Map Keys in MacOS

In a previous blog post, I discussed my keyboard enlightenment I went through which resulted in a much improved typing experience through the purchase of a HyperX Allow Elite RGB Keyboard. The change in keyboard has been transformational with one little nuance that was bothering me.

I had a problem, the keyboard was designed for Windows computer. Not a big deal though because Mac easily picks this up and has no issue mapping the Windows key to the Mac Command key. The problem was the layout though. On a Mac keyboard, the 4 keys along the bottom row next to the space bar go fn-control-option-command with the command key being right next to the space bar. On my new keyboard, there are only 3 buttons next to the space bar that go ctrl-alt-windows. So, because the Windows key is mapped to the command key and the alt key is mapped to the option key, they keys are reverse order when compared to the Mac keyboard.

No problem. Simply by going to System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Keyboard and then select the Modifier Keys... button, you can re-map the keys. Select your keyboard and then for the "Option Key", change it to "Command" and for the "Command Key" change it to "Option". This remaps the keys and then I was able to swap the location of the Alt and Windows keys on keyboard by removing them and placing them back in the new location and now my keyboard mirrors that of how my Mac keyboard works and thus maintain the same consistency in feel and layout for the Command key. Below are two pictures comparing my Mac keyboard on the laptop compared to my newly configured Windows keyboard. The Command and Windows keys are now in the same location and provide the same functionality.

Mac keyboard
Mac keyboard configuration (note location of the Command key

Note the new arrangement of the Alt and Windows key

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