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  • Kevin B Ebert

Remain Patient and the Pieces will Fit

About this #MyDay Post

2019 is turning into one of the most transformative years I’ve had in a long time. I find myself being pushed completely out of my comfort zone in my relationship with my wife; being pulled and stretched in many different directions. There will be plenty to come on this in the future.

And on the career front, my team was moved into our global product engineering team closer aligning our support roles with the engineering roles so we can hit full stride with our DevOps practice. At first, it wasn’t clear how we would gain more momentum on the work we were already doing, but by staying patient, a clear path has developed over the last couple of weeks and I think I’m ready to work with the team to pave the road for further maturing our DevOps practice. I’m so excited about the possibilities and as I’m sitting on a review of one of our systems in APAC this evening, I’m very hopeful for the future and have a renewed vigor in my job. And as I reflected on where I am and my team is right now, looking back over the last 18 months, we have stayed focused on our work and remained patient because we had more questions than answers and all the pieces weren’t fitting together until now.

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