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Social Media Detox Experiment

Over the last several days, I think I finally got a clear picture into what you don't want out of social media. As such, I've decided to conduct an experiment on my part. I don't feel up-to sharing what I discovered at this time, but needless to say, I think my usage of social media has resulted in a negative experience for me.

Therefore, starting last night, I removed Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook off my phone and will abstain from the endless scrolling through photos, tweets, and posts of those people that I follow regularly and see what I gain from doing so. Yes, that's right, my hypothesis for my experiement is that by eliminating social media out of my life, I'll gain something from it. Again, don't want to say what yet as it's something I'm having to come to terms with.

This doesn't mean that I won't post to these platforms. Instead, for the next month, I'll use them to promote my findings of the experiment and any other blog post I come up with during that time. Instead, what I'm doing is taking a break from following. This isn't a new concept and I know that at one point it was hip to do a digital detox (or maybe still is). But, this isn't just a detox for me, this is doing some soul searching that I hope will result in some deeper meaning around what I discovered. I'll keep you posted as I go.

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