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What I Learned About Bullet Journal in the Second Week

A Good Stencil Pack & Ruler is a Must for BuJo
A Good Stencil Pack & Ruler is a Must for BuJo

Do you remember as a child playing with stencils? I do! Good news if you remembered also, they are a great value add tool that you should include with your BuJo practice.

Yes, what was old is new and using stencils is back in vogue. Looking through several video's for ideas on how to use BuJo, I started seeing people using sticker packs and stencils and so I went to Amazon and found a 20-piece stencil set for $7.

The result? For those who are artistically challenged like myself, it's a great way to add a some bling to your journal. Using the stencils to create a flourish in your page heading is a great way to spice up an otherwise boring page. And using the block lettering to create your monthly spread, priceless. Adding banners to celebrate habit tracking for the win.

Additionally, for that OCD urge in you, a small ruler or a straight edge is an absolute must. My journal is full of shaky straight lines where I made lines free-hand and the messiness of this approach became apparent quickly. Now, I'm happily creating straight lines with the best of them.

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