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  • Kevin B Ebert

What You Can Get from a Leisurely Walk

About This #MyDay Post

In the book “Bird by Bird - Some Instructions on Writing and Life”, Anne Lamott (@AnneLamott) describes, when writing, to look at things through a 1 inch frame to narrow your focus on developing the words to describe what you see. This can be applied to setting a scene for a novel or a backdrop for your plot. She also said of character development to observe people and learn to see the world through their eyes. which you can do by practicing observing people. As someone that is exploring the idea of becoming a writer, I took this advice to heart when I walked from my office to the library to return some books for my wife.

I found myself looking at the homeless people, construction workers, parking attendants, tourists, and other pedestrians with a different set of eyes. I paid attention to their posture, walking speed, facial expressions, and the way the interacted with their friends, surroundings and more as they walked through the busy streets along with me.

I also took the time to notice the construction zones, office buildings, traffic, roads, cars, busses, delivery trucks, benches, trees, shrubs and more absorbing all the beauty the city had to offer. It wasn’t until that evening when I was writing the post that it occurred to me, that what I was doing was filling my soul with creativity which I can use at a later date.

You see, by being observant and slowing down to absorb life, I sensed a different energy in me. I noticed that I gained a positive outlook at the mundane task of returning a couple of library books and I felt better for it. I also gained some insight on how what would have been a normally busy day for me, actually enriched me in ways that I hadn't noticed before.

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