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  • Kevin B Ebert

Will Donate Kidney for Broadband

Broadband simply doesn't exist in rural areas. We went with Viasat and it absolutely sucks. As I've stated in the past, they throttle you to 1Mbps after you hit 65GB of data download. The longest we've made it on that quota is 5 days (and I think we were gone for 3 of those days).

The internet is not usable at 1Mbps. I tried to configure Google Cloud Print, the call to setup the authentication URL timed out. I'm trying to download a 33MB file on my Chromebook, going on 1 hour and not even 30% done yet. I can't update the firmware on my two Time Capsules from Apple as the download keeps timing out.

Forget about student loan "cancellation" or universal health coverage, get a politician promising broadband for everyone, and I'll give my first, second, and third born children to the campaign along with a kidney and part of my liver to get them elected. Hell, I may even donate a years salary to their campaign if I knew it would get them elected.

This is the first negative to #FarmLife

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