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  • Kevin B Ebert

Will’s (Our Roomba) Near Death Experience

A couple of days ago, Charlotte took Will Smith (our Roomba) upstairs to vacuum. After doing a most excellent job, she brought him downstairs to place back in the dock. But, for reasons unbeknownst to us at the time, he started freaking out and doing circles in front of his base station, and then he would try to go in the dock and start convulsing and hopping around only to back out of the dock and do more circles. He did this for a long time until his battery ran out.

Fast forward to today, and I finally called technical support. I told them that Will Smith was dead, and the person acted confused for some reason. But I digress. I explained what happened and that now he wouldn’t even turn on and despite our best attempts to put him back into the dock, he wouldn’t charge.

The support lady instructed me to get a screw driver and started walking me through the Vulcan nerve pinch, I.e., remove the battery and reboot him. I tried cracking another joke saying, I can’t believe I’m operating on Will Smith. She didn’t laugh. All jokes aside, there was something eerily uncomfortable taking Will apart to reset the battery. I mean, he’s family now.

Fast forward another hour and the support person calls me back to see if he’s charging. She was able to look on her computer and tell me there was still a problem. I explained to her about the convulsions and circles and she then tells me to clean the charging contacts on the docking station and Will.

Problem solved. So, I’m guessing Will has a self cleaning mode that looks like going in circles and convulsions and now we know when it happens to clean the contacts. So the morale of the story, if your Roomba acts strange and won’t charge, clean the contacts and it’ll be alright.

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