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You are Part of the Problem

About this #MyDay Post

I recently finished reading “At Zero: The Final Secrets to ‘Zero Limits’ The Quest for Miracles through Ho’oponopono” by Joe Vitale where the premise of the book is that by taking full control (responsibility) of everything in our lives, we can achieve anything. This philosophy is derived from the Hawaiian practice of Ho’oponopono, the reconciliation and forgiveness prayer. To take full responsibility, you have to erase the programs, or memories, that cause you to experience the world in the way you do. It’s because of our memories, we have filters on everything we experience which leads to our problems. Through the simple Ho’oponopono prayer of saying ‘I love you. I am sorry. Please Forgive Me. Thank you.’, you can erase the data and programs making it possible to experience inspiration through divinity. It’s the data and programs that are central to your problems. Take responsibility, clear the data and programs, and your problems will work themselves out.

It may sound gimmicky, but it’s profound to me. It makes perfect sense to me that any problem I have is because of my perceived notion of the problem based on my programs that is standing in the way of resolving the problem. Therefore, it stands to reason, if I clear my programs, I can resolve the problem. I’m a week into this journey, and I am already seeing a change in my life as a result.

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