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You are Perfect

About this #MyDay Post

I am struggling with where to begin on this #MyDay post. So, I’ll start at the beginning. My wife came across Ho’oponopono, which in single sentence, is derived from a Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. This lead to a few Google searches and then an Amazon search and which brought her to the book “At Zero - The Quest for Miracles Through Ho’opnopono" by Joe Vitale. Which, I started listening to on my drive in yesterday morning.

I do not intend to provide a book review here, but one of the first thought provoking ideas the author presents is that our perception of reality and subsequently how we view our true selves is influenced by our memories that we hang on to. That is to say, we develop prejudices altering our reality of the world through our memories.

In order to rid ourselves of these prejudices, we have to look at memories as data and nothing more. Memories are not in the present. Memories only exist in our minds and therefore, you can simply look at them as data. Memories are nothing more than data that exists in us. And since it’s only in us, it’s ours to control. How we make use of that data is critical to how we view our true selves. If you are using the data to block the fact that you are perfect, then you have to break the ties to that data and remove it. We are perfect just as we are.

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